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Travel to Hong Kong?

  1. Visa requirements - Indian passport holders can get 'Visa on Arrival' upto 14 days of stay in HK, provided they have a valid "Pre Arrival Registration"
  2. How to get "PAR" (Pre Arrival Registration)? - "PAR" is done online here
  3. How to use the "PAR"? - After successful registration at the link above, print your Notification Slip for "PAR" for Indian Nationals on a blank A4 sheet of paper. You will need the Notification Slip to board any flight to Hong Kong and to clear immigration formalities at Hong Kong on arrival. The "PAR" is valid for six months or until the expiry of your passport. During the validity period, you can use the Notification Slip and the associated passport for multiple visits to Hong Kong. On each visit you can stay for a maximum of 14 days.
  4. The pre-arrival registration is free
  5. If your pre-arrival registration is unsuccessful you can apply directly to the Immigration Department for an entry visa to Hong Kong

For travelers, tourists and expats, Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world. ... However, no place in the world can be 100% safe and Hong Kong is no fairy-tale land. To assure your personal safety in Hong Kong, you have to use some common sense to avoid becoming the victim of a petty crime.

Hong Kong is The most expensive to city to live in the world as an expat. 
Average cost of food – While Hong Kong is generally expensive, there are plenty of options for cheap food. Market food, noodles, and dumplings will cost around 50 HKD per meal. ...
There are many Indian restaurants around major tourist areas. Pure vegetarian food is also available, but in limited number of restaurants only.

Transportation costs – A tourist travel pass costs 65 HKD per day and covers unlimited travel on the metro, tram, and light rail service.

Housing in Hong Kong can range from HK$10K for a small flat to HK$80K and more for large houses. The average cost of renting a typical 450 sq ft flat is around HK$15,900 per month.

Education in general and primary/secondary schools specifically are one of the other highest expenses in HK.

Hong Kong Travel Guide: What to See, Do, Costs, & Ways to Save

HK Dollars. Its exchange rate is pegged to US Dollar rates. One USD converts to about 7.7 HKD. 

A mid-level job in banking, can pay around HK$40,000 per month. These amounts are subject to change, of course, and will depend on the employer.


Unit 1905
Empress Plaza
Chatham Rd. South
Tsim Sha Tsui